Camera rental in your neighborhood

Rent cameras and lenses from local photographers

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1. Reserve

Request to reserve gear for the dates you need.

Request to rent cameras, camera lenses, flashes, tripods, lighting, rigs, GoPros, underwater housings and more directly from nearby owners for the dates you need.

2. Confirm

Find a renter you want to rent from

Owners will respond with their availability. Choose the best option and pay to confirm your rental.

3. Pick up

Agree upon a time and place to pick up/drop off the gear

Find a time and place that works for both of you — like a convenient coffee shop after work or on your way out of town.

Rent the gear you need now

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Our users love us for...

Picture taken at Yelp Elite event with rented CameraLends gear


“CameraLends puts high quality, professional-level cameras in our hands with a swift rental process & affordable rates. From outdoor outings on the Bay to capturing events, I'm in!”

— Jon A.
Yelp logo Community Manager


“I've rented out both unused bodies and lenses and had a great overall experience with CameraLends. It's a win-win for everyone involved and I hope the site continues to expand!”

— Max E.

Earn money lending out your gear, like Max
Photograph of a concert taken by member Pedro with rented gear


“CameraLends is an easy, fast way for me to get the best equipment out there at an affordable price, and it has the additional benefit of connecting me with other photographers in my community.”

— Pedro P.

Affordable rates

Our inventory is made of cameras, lenses, and accessories from people just like you. Most of the time this gear is collecting dust. Because of this, lenders are often willing to price lower than rental shops.

All you have to do is agree on the details with the lender. If you've got a 3-week trip coming up, make them an offer; from their perspective something is better than nothing.

CameraLends helps you rent the same gear as traditional rental shops for less

Flexible pickup

Pick up your gear any time your lender is available!

Just like price, pickup and dropoffs can be as flexible as needed because CameraLends is people powered. Photographers like helping out other photographers. Last-minute rentals and off-hour pickups are our forte.

When other shops are closed, we help you rock — around the clock!

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